An apartment or house is more than just a place to live. It is a safe-haven and a place of both rest and enjoyment with friends and family. At times, people cannot live alone or with family due to medical or behavioral needs. We provide safe, comfortable apartments and houses designed for the unique needs of those living in them; for example, we have homes for adults who use wheelchairs and need assistance with daily living.  Our residential programs for adults with Intellectual, Developmental and Behavioral Health needs are supported by the Department of Disability Services (DDS) and the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).  Our residential programs include a host of additional services such as nursing, dietetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral support and transportation.

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Youth/Young Adults

Sometimes youth and young adults are not able to live at home due to their medical or behavioral needs. In these instances, we provide a safe, comfortable home and qualified staff to meet the unique needs of youth and young adults ages 16 to 24-years-old currently involved with Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) or Health Services for Children with Special Needs (HSCSN). In addition to transportation and nursing, the residential program includes both apartments and houses in neighborhoods close to schools, community recreation and public transportation. Staff work closely with the family, school and other team members to ensure all youth and young adults are developing the necessary skills for adulthood.

Community Resident Facilities

Being a part of the community allows us to develop valuable skills, take advantage of free resources and make new friends. As a result, we support a variety of community-based services for adults with Intellectual and Developmental needs through our network.  The robust day program features a computer lab and transportation to sporting events and community recreation. Group and individual services include but are not limited to companionship, job readiness, supported employment and life skill development through the Department of Disability Services (DDS).

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Other Supports

Other services, such as physical therapy and nutrition, are important to ensuring the best health.  Through a person-centered approach,  we provide a host of other services to adults involved with the Department of Disability Services (DDS) at home and in the community. We are here to help.

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