The inception of the Innovative Life program and service ecosystem dates back to 2003, when a visionary physical therapist recognized the pressing requirement for comprehensive, top-tier assistance tailored to adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities residing in the District of Columbia (DC). Embarking with a single group home, the founder successfully evolved the organization into a diverse array of initiatives and offerings that collectively form the esteemed Innovative Life identity we know today. That same physical therapist now serves as our President & Chief Executive Officer.  Our company has grown from supporting 6 adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities in one home to more than 75 youth and adults who live in 30 apartments and houses.  Through our innovative DC network, we also support nearly 100 adults with the development of employment, social and daily living skills and have opened a community center in the District of Columbia. With more than 450 highly-skilled staff, we are expanding our network to New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

We strive for a world where everyone is valued and supported. We respect all people for their unique abilities and focus on what people can do rather than what they can’t. We understand and appreciate the many interests, talents and strengths among us. We also acknowledge struggles we all face in different areas of our lives.  To us, needing help from a best friend, seeing a specialty doctor or even using a wheelchair adds to our diversity and makes us all equally human.

Because of our fundamental beliefs, our mission is to enhance the lives of people living with diverse behavioral, mental, intellectual and developmental abilities through excellenceeducation and empowerment.  Our model allows people with diverse needs to create their own unique journeys living life to their fullest potentials. We achieve this based on:

  • Excellence.  Everyone receives the highest quality services, programs, and staff to achieve optimal health outcomes. We all deserve safety, happiness and our best health.
  • Education. Everyone receives the right information, the right way at the right time!  This includes vocation, formal and informal education, resources and supports.
  • Empowerment. Everyone can be a leader.  We support and promote all people, including families and communities, to exercise their rights to the best of their abilities in all aspects of their lives including their care.

And thus we commit to Bridging the Gap, One Life at a Time…